Building Your Brand with Sidney Hoff (Big Time Daily)

Your brand is how your clients will recognize you. Are you doing your brand justice?

Building a brand isn’t easy, and it’s crucial that you have a clear idea of your brand before you get started. Changing brands is always a difficult decision, and there are several factors that you need to consider before you decide to start again. Obviously, one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t have to change your brand is getting it right from the start!

In the following article, Sidney Hoff is going to give you his expert tips on how to get your brand off to the right start!

  1. Your brand needs to be consistent – Your brand needs to be recognizable across everything you do. All your company branding needs to remain compatible with your social media and marketing branding so people can instantly recognize it. If you’re using multiple logos and photos, it’s time to come up with one theme.

  2. What separates you from the rest? – What is it that sets you apart from your competition? Look for factors that make you different and then focus on them in the social media and marketing content that you create.

  3. Create meaningful content – Create content that resonates with your target audience and adds value. Staged photos are great but look for more organic material that tells your audience something unique about you, your brand, or your products.

In 2010 Sidney Hoff co-founded one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world, and now he’s moved on to become the owner of The Gifted Agency. If you have been looking for an advertising agency that specializes in helping independent businesses, then The Gifted Advertising Agency is just what you have been searching for! You can connect with them on their website or via social media on Facebook.


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