Sidney Hoff and Tips for Small Business Marketing

Competing against large brands is never easy when you first start your company. It’s never easy to stand out when you’re competing against companies that have multi-million-dollar advertising budgets and teams of people responsible for creating content and managing social media accounts.

Sidney Hoff and his agency specialize in helping boutique and independent stores establish themselves amongst all the big box stores. To help you get a leg up, he’s come up with some fantastic social media marketing tips to boost your brand and business.

  1. Don’t try to be something you’re not – Don’t try to compete against a million-dollar campaign. Instead, celebrate why you’re different. Look for the things that set you apart from a large chain store such as high-quality products, personalized service, and a local company that understands what your clients are looking for.

  2. Be yourself – One thing that large companies always struggle with is trying to get their customers to identify with them. You should create content that identifies you and your team as the faces behind the business.

  3. Look local – Try to identify a problem facing people in your community and then solve it. It’s no use selling products or services that are great for hot climates, if your company is based in a colder climate.

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